There are several advantages to using a gas fire pit instead of a wood burning fire pit. Gas fire pits are clean burning and they don’t produce excessive smoke or flying embers and sparks. Starting a fire in a gas fire pit is also much easier and quicker since all it requires is the touch of a button.

Gas fire pits are available in many different shapes and sizes to complement any outdoor setting. Whether you want the rustic look of an outdoor firepit or a more modern and updated gas fire pit style you are sure to find it in our gas fire pit collection.

Gas firepits are available in portable propane operated models as well as fixed natural gas models that are designed to hook directly into your home’s existing natural gas supply.

Gas outdoor fire pits allow you to enjoy all of the things that you love most about relaxing around a campfire without all of the mess and maintenance that comes along with burning wood. Our gas fire pits come in a variety of aesthetically pleasing, convenient designs with almost limitless installation possibilities but don’t let their beauty fool you. Our gas firepits aren’t only an attractive addition to backyards and patios. They also generate a lot of heat and the best part is the intensity of gas fire pits can be adjusted as the temperature rises and drops.
If you enjoy sitting around a backyard fire but don’t like all of the effort it takes to gather and haul firewood just to spend another length of time to start a fire, a gas fire pit is right for you. With a gas firepit you get instant heat and ambiance with no messy clean up.

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