A bio fireplace (also on bio-ethanol fireplace, ethanol fireplace) is a type of fireplace or furnace with combined zones generation of heat and technological process – combustion of fuel (denatured alcohol).
This fireplace can be installed without a chimney and gives the real flame, not imitation. The main part of each bio fireplace is the burner. The burner is a metal container with various shape and dimensions.
The burner is filled with fuel, usually it is bioethanol. Fuel is poured into the burner and lit with an extended candle lighter as suggested. Bio fireplaces should be operated with care, since bioethanol is highly flammable.
Severe burn accidents can happen. Bioethanol-fueled decorative fireplaces are dangerous even by intended use. Gases from combustion, like carbon dioxide and nitrogen dioxide, volatile organic compounds, and particulate emissions are released into the room. Bio fireplace – irrespective of the type of fuel used are a source of fine and ultrafine particles and have a considerable influence on the quality of the indoor air if ventilation is not provided. It may generate odors

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